Upcoming events in 2020 (so far!)
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2020 Major events

7th/8th February, Mallorca 167 training (confirmed – informal)

So, some bright spark came up with the idea of tackling a proper cycling event and a number of us were fool enough to say “Ok then” (no alcohol was involved in this decision – honest!).  Now that we are committed to tackling the Mallorca 167 [] on 25th April we feel the need to get some relevant training in. So if you are in Mallorca on this date, the 20th /21st March or are tackling the Mallorca 312, 225 or 167 on 25th April you are welcome to join us as we expire on the 102 mile course with 8,000 ft of climbing (167 km and 2,500m).

20th /21th March, Mallorca 167 training (confirmed – informal)

Our second training session for the main event on 25th April (subject to surviving the first training session).

1st March, Round the IoW (confirmed – informal)

R4D training ride around the Isle of Wight, circa 100 miles.

8th March, Wiltshire Wildcat (confirmed –  organised event)

Organised by ukcyclingevents this early-season sportive test crisscrosses the Medieval drovers’ trails Wiltshire is famous for, passes through numerous Saxon villages, and offers magnificent views across the Dorset Downs.  Join the Riding4Dreams team (Chris ‘Ideas’ Manners, Daren ‘Fat Bloke at the Back’ Jones, Mark ‘Marky’ Harris, Nick ‘Nick-Nick’ Moore and Aaron ‘The Kid’ Garnett at present) in taking on the 73 mile standard route with 4,068 ft of elevation gain – or just give us a wave as we go past.

25th April, Mallorca 312, 225 or 167 (confirmed – organised event)

Part of the Milestone Series, this Gran Fondo event attracts 8,000 participants from around the world and this year it has the pleasure of hosting 9 of Riding4Dreams cyclist, 2 of whom are tackling the 312 (Paul ‘Knokkers’ Knox-Johnson and Steve ‘The River’ Hathaway a.k.a proper cyclists) with 7 of the ‘wiser’ Riding4Dreams members tackling the 167 (Alex ‘All the Gear’ Small, Richard ‘Tricky’ Bates, Chris ‘Ideas’ Manners, Daren ‘Fat Bloke at the Back’ Jones, Mark ‘Marky’ Harris, Nick ‘Nick-Nick’ Moore and Nicolas ‘Spanish’ Serra Walker).

For those not aware of these events, to complete the Mallorca 312 the riders have to complete the 312 km (194 miles) course, which climbs a total of 5,050m (16,568 ft) in under 14 hours.  Team Ineos (Geraint Thomas and Egan Bernat) completed this route in December training in 8 hours and 35 minutes at an average speed of 36 kph (22 mph), we expect R4D team members ‘Knokkers’ and ‘The River’ to beat this quite comfortable LOL.

To complete the Mallorca 167 the riders have to complete the 167 km (103 miles) course, which climbs a total of 2,475m (8,120 ft) in under 14 hours.  We hope and pray that the rest of our riders actually make it!

8/9/10 May, British Marine Thames Valley London Boat show (confirmed – informal)

Chris ‘Ideas’ Manners and TBS Boats will be hosting the annual British Marine Thames Valley London Boat show at Penton Hook Marina (by Thorpe Park). The Riding4Dreams team will once again be running a static cycling challenge to fundraise.  Want to join the challenge?  E-mail us at or just pop down over the 3 days and we will try to fit you in

20th June, Chase the Sun  (confirmed – organised event)

A Riding4Dreams team has been entered into this free to enter event that crosses Southern England, covering 205 miles from Minster on the Isle of Sheppey in Kent to Burnham-on-Sea in Somerset.  The route bi-sects South London, passing Richmond park, bridging the Thames, touching part of Wiggin’s Olympic Gold time trial route, plus all the usual cross-country highlights, Silchester Village Hall, mendip hills, Cheddar gorge, arriving on the seafront finish at Burnham-on-Sea.​  Register and join us in the Riding4Dreams group on

July or August, Kayaking event, Bray to Staines (being planned – informal)

We are planning a Kayak down the Thames, stopping at a few watering holes along the way.  We hope to have a live band on a boat with us to help raise awareness and fundraising.

2020 Social Fundraising events

Date TBC, R4D Summer Ball

Riding4Dreams are planning a Summer Ball to incorporate 3 course meal, Charity auction, DJ and Live music.  A venue is being secured and a date will follow.

Henley Regatta

Once again PAM St Gobain are organising a 4-day fundraiser at the Henley Regatta. Nick ‘Nick-Nick’ Moore and his team will be hosting with clients raising funds.

Breakfast meetings at Sergios

Nick-Nick’ Moore PAM St Gobain will hosting a number of fundraising invitational breakfast meetings at Sergio’s Fitzrovia in March, August and December.