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How did our Riding4Dreams team begin?
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Riding4Dreams is a charity fund raising group established in 2019 by a group of first-time road riders who’s cycling experience was getting to the pub and back. Conceptualised at the Dreamflight Ball in November 2018 by Chris Manners, Nick Moore and Daren Jones (after too much indulgence in the liquid refreshments served with dinner) they recruited Mark Harris the next day by replying to a photograph he re-posted on Facebook that took the mickey out of cycling groups (yes, we were part of the anti-cyclist brigade – and still don’t like the minority that are rude and inconsiderate to other road users). The grand sum of the Chris’s reply was ‘So you’re in then’. A conversation the next day revealed to Mark that the idea was to cycle from Thorpe Park to Disneyland Paris to fundraise in aid of the Dreamflight charity – some 215 miles over 3 days!

A sudden onrush of common sense (a rare thing) got the 4 virgin cyclists realising they were a little out of their depth and needed some serious assistance if they were going to be able to tackle this challenge with less than 6 months to train for it. The recruitment of experienced cyclist Alex Small and later Paul Knox-Johnson, Steve Hathaway and Chris Cooper dealt with that issue.

As the training started, and more friends were told about the challenge, the group of amateur cyclists up for the challenge grew, leading to the formation of Riding4Dreams and the commitment of all members to the serious business of raising money.

The founding principles of Riding4Dreams continue together with our ambition of raising over £100,000 for Dreamflight.

Founding principles

  • Anyone can join Riding4 Dream training rides, events and/or fundraising (which doesn’t have to be exclusively for Dreamflight).
  • Fundraising events are self-funded (entry fees, hotels and travel costs) meaning the majority of the money raised actually goes to charity.
  • Sponsorship covers the event costs of things such as support crew, vehicle hire, event meals, etc.

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